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Hi, my name is Christine McFaul and I am currently the Media Advisor at PS27 Ventures in Jacksonville, Fla. I obtained my public relations BA degree and a minor in community leadership from the University of North Florida in August 2014.

Since then, I’ve been working as a free-lance Media Advisor for various clients.  A few of the clients I currently work with are Ice Mule CoolersTroo OrganicsPainting With A Twist and Kesler & Company. Some of the work that I do includes social media management, photography, communication strategy, brand promotions and web design.

 My career goal is to one day have my own creative agency with soulpancakecreative.com and natgeocreative.com as my inspiration, but for now I’m looking gain experience by getting my feet wet in innovative communications projects.

My confidence, combined with my impeccable social skills, and leadership experience is exactly what will prepare me for further career opportunities. I grew up in South Florida, a tropical climate with high tourism and I’ve always enjoyed getting to know people. Traveling has given me the opportunity to grow as a leader, embrace diversity and keep an open mind to out-of-the-box ideas. I am particularly focused on utilizing Instagram as a direct platform for informing target audiences.

My internship with the website buzzocracy.com in the summer of 2013  has given me in skills in writing and editing blog posts. A skill I now use to write and edit the News and Blog sections of the PS27 website.

I’ve aslo completed my senior internship in 2014 working as the public relations intern for the crowd funding festival One Spark held in Downtown Jacksonville. During that internship I was able to expand my professional career in the field of public relations. I was able to enhance my writing skills and as a result, enabled me to have my editorial piece “Visionary Volunteerism” published in Folio Weekly. I would also like to include my passion for visual marketing and advertising. During my internship my photography was published as an advertisement in Jacksonville’s East Coast Magazine, and as the One Spark commemorative poster. In 2015 I was asked to come back to the One Spark team as a Staff Photographer, which I gladly accepted.

As an animal rights activist, I believe that people should take responsibility for the care and environments that we as humans create for wild species.  To promote this value and give back to the community during my time at UNF created two social media campaigns “UNF Supports Catty Shack Ranch” and “UNF Gives Voice to the Orcas“.  These two pages allow students to get involved with volunteer opportunities and political protests supporting animal rights. I was also able to gain experience in creating posts on Facebook and Instagram, as well a curiosity for checking Facebook analytics.

I have a self-taught passion for photography; I love taking pictures and telling stories through photos. I am a creative thinker and I enjoy using my photojournalism skills to create just the right combination of visually appealing graphics with the cleverest tag lines. I hope this helps you in getting to know me a little bit better. You may view my LinkedIn profile by clicking here.

Stay connected,

Christine McFaul 


Christine McFaul

Christine McFaul


Contact me here:

Contact me on Instagram @christinemcfaul.

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